WSJ Reports on ArbCom

“Wikipedia, the vast online crowdsourced encyclopedia, has a high court. It is a panel called the Arbitration Committee, largely unknown to anyone other than Wiki aficionados, which hears disputes that arise after all other means of conflict resolution have failed,” reports the WSJ.

Corrine Ramey notes that some of the cases decided by ArbCom are the Wikipedia version of Brown v. Board of Education. “The 15 elected jurists on the English-language Wikipedia’s Arbitration Committee—among them a former staffer for presidential candidate John Kerry, an information-technology consultant in a tiny British village and a retired college librarian—have clerks, write binding decisions and hear appeals. They even issue preliminary injunctions,” writes Ramey.

I’m very curious whether any of the members of ArbCom are actual lawyers. Read Ramey’s full piece over at WSJ.