I was reading through the edits of Wikipedian and lawyer Staxringold and noticed that he described himself as a WikiOgre. What is that you might ask?

WikiOgre (feminine WikiOgress) is a mythical WikiCreature, typically yet not always accurately depicted as large, hideous and manlike. It usually goes for long stretches making few or no edits, but for short periods of time and in brief spurts makes large edits, complete rewrites, or even new articles. A WikiOgre may otherwise make minor edits, such as copyediting or vandalism reversion, over the course of everyday perusal. The reason for this lifestyle is often a busy offline life. [. . .] In other words: Every once in a while the WikiOgre goes on a rampage, but most of the time he or she is content to sit around in a cave and eat the random passerby.

What a great description for this type of on-again, off-again Wikipedian! Click here to read the full Wikipedia article about WikiOgres.