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Why Wikipedia Has No Fake News Problem – Jimmy Wales – NPR

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales took part in a fantastic interview with NPR over the weekend. Here’s a highlight from the piece: Jimmy Wales, co-founder of the crowdsourced encyclopedia, has been thinking about how to tackle the problem of “fake news.” On Thursday, he delivered a keynote address on “the future role for evidence-based journalism” at… read more »

Takeaways from The Wikipedia Revolution

I’ve been reading Andrew Lih’s 2009 book The Wikipedia Revolution and finding it still has some great insights about how the encyclopedia got started and the encyclopedia’s key philosophical underpinnings. Here are some key takeaways thus far with the relevant page numbers in case anyone else is interested: Freedom of Cyberspace. “The tech elite who… read more »

Best Wikipedia Quotes

An Ever-Evolving List of the Best Wikipedia Quotes Quotes from the Founder “Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. That’s what we’re doing.” – Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales “I frequently counsel people who are getting frustrated about an edit war… read more »

The Financial Times on Whether “Jimbo” Wales can Fix the News

The Financial Times is reporting that Wikipedia founder Jimmy “Jimbo” Wales would like to step in to solve the problem of so-called fake news. According to the article by John Thornhill: He believes that by enabling anybody to publish anything, the internet has undermined the traditional media’s function as the gatekeeper of accepted truth. But just… read more »