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Is Wikipedia the Good Cop? Fighting Fake News and Conspiracy Videos

Noam Cohen has a great article out this week in The Washington Post entitled “Conspiracy videos? Fake news? Enter Wikipedia, the ‘good cop’ of the Internet.” According to Cohen, Wikipedia is a great example of what the internet was intended to be: When Tim Berners-Lee conceived the Web, he imagined that it would look a… read more »

Best Wikipedia Quotes

An Ever-Evolving List of the Best Wikipedia Quotes Quotes from the Founder “Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. That’s what we’re doing.” – Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales “I frequently counsel people who are getting frustrated about an edit war… read more »

Why Wikipedia Works – NY Mag

Brian Feldman wrote an interesting piece for NY Mag entitled “Why Wikipedia Works.” Here is his thesis in a nutshell: I’d argue that Wikipedia’s biggest asset is its willingness as a community and website to “delete.” It’s that simple. If there’s bad information, or info that’s just useless, Wikipedia’s regulatory system has the ability to… read more »

St. Patrick on Wikipedia – Slate

I wrote a piece for Slate called “Why the Wikipedia page for St. Patrick is Surprisingly Good.” When I started doing research on St. Patrick’s page, I was pleasantly surprised to have the two top St. Patrick scholars tell me that the Wikipedia page was excellent. Writing the article also allowed me to learn more… read more »

Women’s Health on Wikipedia

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ran a fantastic profile of Barbara Page, a “Wikipedia Wunderkind” who “helps readers of the online encyclopedia understand women’s health, among other topics.” In addition to telling Page’s story, the article includes sad but unsurprising statistics: “Women make up 20 percent of Wikipedia’s writers and editors, while about 80 percent of Wikipedia… read more »

No More Free Wikipedia in Developing Countries

The Outline has a story up today about how Wikipedia used to not count against data plans in certain countries . . . and how that’s no longer the case.  Before it was terminated, the Wikipedia Zero program gave 800 million people in select countries free access to Wikipedia. According to Caroline Haskins: The countries… read more »

Curling’s Wikipedia Page is Savage – VICE

I wrote about The Battle for Curling’s Wikipedia Page for VICE Sports, noting “The edit history of the curling page is an anthology of cold burns.” Why so much angst? Hint: A lot of it has to do with trolls claiming it’s not a sport. Eric Washburn was a fantastic interview for the piece. Eric… read more »

The Financial Times on Whether “Jimbo” Wales can Fix the News

The Financial Times is reporting that Wikipedia founder Jimmy “Jimbo” Wales would like to step in to solve the problem of so-called fake news. According to the article by John Thornhill: He believes that by enabling anybody to publish anything, the internet has undermined the traditional media’s function as the gatekeeper of accepted truth. But just… read more »

McChizzle – Editor of the Honda Ridgeline Wikipedia Page

Jalopnik‘s David Tracy offers great profile on the editor of the Honda Ridgeline’s Wikipedia page in his article  “The Story Behind The Honda Ridgeline’s Wildly, Unusually Detailed Wikipedia Page.” Writes Tracy: Detailed information on intake airflow paths, and the shape and material makeup of the unibody. Data on torque curves and all available paint color… read more »