Wikipedia Editor Profiles

Women’s Health on Wikipedia

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ran a fantastic profile of Barbara Page, a “Wikipedia Wunderkind” who “helps readers of the online encyclopedia understand women’s health, among other topics.” In addition to telling Page’s story, the article includes sad but unsurprising statistics: “Women make up 20 percent of Wikipedia’s writers and editors, while about 80 percent of Wikipedia… read more »

Curling’s Wikipedia Page is Savage – VICE

I wrote about The Battle for Curling’s Wikipedia Page for VICE Sports, noting “The edit history of the curling page is an anthology of cold burns.” Why so much angst? Hint: A lot of it has to do with trolls claiming it’s not a sport. Eric Washburn was a fantastic interview for the piece. Eric… read more »

McChizzle – Editor of the Honda Ridgeline Wikipedia Page

Jalopnik‘s David Tracy offers great profile on the editor of the Honda Ridgeline’s Wikipedia page in his article  “The Story Behind The Honda Ridgeline’s Wildly, Unusually Detailed Wikipedia Page.” Writes Tracy: Detailed information on intake airflow paths, and the shape and material makeup of the unibody. Data on torque curves and all available paint color… read more »

Justin Knapp – koavf – Top 10 Wikipedian

Priceonomics has a fascinating profile on “The Most Prolific Editor on Wikipedia.” Justin Anthony Knapp edits as the user koavf. Knapp is no longer the most prolific editor as of January 2018, as his position has been usurped by Sir Amantio di Nicolao. Still, knapp’s 1,843,600 edits is nothing to sneeze at. The Priceonomics piece chronicles… read more »