Social Justice Warrior is a Minefield

The Outline reviewed the Wikipedia article for “Social Justice Warrior.” Stephen Harrison describes the entry’s inauspicious beginnings:

The Wikipedia entry for “Social justice warrior” has struggled since its ugly beginning. On September 28, 2014, a Wikipedia editor named Equality not Feminism created the original three line entry: “Social Justice Warriors, commonly referred to as as [sic] SJWs, are people who defend other people in order to have some form of personal benefit. They generally defend those who are played as ‘victims’ in the case of social media. They defend them through the acts of using threats, DDoSing, and denying evidence in order to claim false as true.”

Harrison ultimately concludes that SJW’s article was faced with an impossible task:

Overall, the entry feels like a battleground where the types of people who use SJW as an insult clash with more sober-minded Wikipedia editors. My favorite line from the article’s editorial history comes from user Thalia42. When an editor cited this Rolling Stone interview blasting feminists and call-out culture, Thalia quickly rejected the change. “Last statement was sourced to an op-ed by Billy Corgan,” the lead singer of the Smashing Pumpkins. “That is not a source.” In this case, the Know Your Meme entry does a better job of chronicling the term’s rise and placing it in cultural context.

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